INTEGRITY Foil Faced Insulation



  • Aside from the INTEGRITY™ (formerly CHIM-FLEX®) chimney liner itself, this is the most important product to install! The INTEGRITY™ Wrap insulation contains heat and improves draft when wrapped around the INTEGRITY™ stainless steel chimney liner.
  • The INTEGRITY™ Wrap will enhance the performance of appliances too. A must for installations shorter than 15 feet and burning in marginal warmer weather conditions.
  • This blanket insulation has an 8 lb density with a 3mm foil facing. Small is available in 1/4" and 1/2" thickness and fits 3” to 7” chimney liner installations while the extra large is available in a 1/2" thickness and fits 8” to 14”chimney liners. All insulation is available in 25' rolls.
  • Required by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) when relining a chimney that has no flue tile or is not up to NFPA 211 standard. The 1/2" thickness gives installations a Zero Clearance listing from (UL).
  • INTEGRITY Mesh Stainless Steel Mesh Sleeve. This stainless steel sleeve is used to both protect and hold the INTEGRITY™ Wrap insulation in place. Mesh is available in easy to cut 25’ rolls. Small fits 5”, 6” and 7” liner installations. Large fits 8” to 9” liner installations. Extra large fits 10” to 14” liner installations.
  • Insulation is available by itself or insulation kit. Kit includes: Roll of  1/4" or 1/2" insulation; can of 3M low VOC adhesive spray; 50' roll of aluminum tape; roll of 25' INTEGRITY Mesh and two clamps.





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