Pour In Place Insulation


When the INTEGRITY™ Wrap insulating system can not be used due to sizing issues, TherMix pour in place insulation is a perfect choice.
TherMix is a ready-mix, Vermiculite-based masonry material. TherMix cures into a lightweight, semi-hard mass that forms a thermal insulation barrier to keep flue gases warm and exterior chimney surface temperatures within safe limits. Additionally, TherMix acts as masonry filler.
Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), UL 1777 with our INTEGRITY stainless steel lining systems for use in applications in masonry chimneys. This insulation will need to be at least 1" in all directions, including offsets, around the liner to form your zero clearance barriers. *NOTE: TherMix by itself is not a chimney liner.



Insulation Systems

INTEGRITY Wrap High Temperature Foil Faced Insulation System Pour In Place insulation for chimney liners

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